Friday, October 31, 2008

Gaucho Greats: Trick or Treat !?...

Can you guess which photo includes Gaucho Greats ?.....

Happy Halloween to ALL Gaucho Greats !

Photo #1: NOT A GAUCHO ! This stiff, though he is looking resplendent
in his ARMADA hoodie, is NOT a Gaucho !

Photo #2: Definitely TWO Gaucho Greats ! Left to right: Russ Hafferkamp (UCSB Varsity Water Polo Phenom/Alum and former JV Gaucho Men's Water Polo Coach) with current UCSB Men's Varsity Water Polo Coach and Gaucho Great, Wolf Wigo. Photo courtesy of Russ. Photo taken at Top of section of Great Wall of China during day off from their work with NBC Sports during the recent Summer Olympics in Beijing.


Happy Halloween !

p.s. GAUCHO GREATS needs contributing writers and photographers. We welcome your contributions so we can celebrate more Gaucho Greats. Please send us your content, stories and photos of other Gaucho Greats to the undersigned. Full Attribution and Credit will be provided.

Thanks !

Will Maguire

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Gaucho Greats, The Sequel

They are all over the place. Gaucho Greats, that is. Photos are flying in, well, not exactly flying in, but more are being found as time goes by.

So let's get right to it. This blog is here to celebrate... woo hoo !!!.... the Gaucho Great: Her, Him, Us, and Them.

Photo below: Bruce Stahl and Arthur Verge. June 2008. Bruce, of course, is the Classic Textbook Specimen of the SPRINTER, as in World Recording Setting. Still a stud today. Arturo, of course, is the consummate Long Distance Freestyler... and in spite of the team effort it took back in the day, I still think it was his performance at PCAA's in 1977 that helped us beat San Diego State for Third Place in our first year back in League.

Michael "Newmie" Newman. July 2008. There I was on my way to work one morning and who do I see out on his bike after his morning workout..... livin' the hard life (see below).

Scraped from my email and Chris Lincoln's Blackberry (below) is a photo of his daughter, and future Gaucho Great, Kristie Lincoln, at a recent World Series game in Philly.

And in perhaps THE EVENT of this century to date, Arturo shows off his wedding band, having just tied the knot in May 2008. It just goes to show that there is someone for everybody..... Hey Now ! (editor's note: so why am I still single....)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Gaucho Greats "In the News"!

This past April 26, 2008, Gaucho Greats gathered at the Events Center on campus for the bi-annual UCSB Athletics Dept. Hall of Fame Induction. Being inducted that evening, in addition, to the 1967 NCAA winning Men's Varsity Swim Team, was a stud water polo player from the early 1980', Larry Mouchawar.

Numerous Gaucho Greats were in attendance. Lots of Water Polo players showed up to cheer Larry on, thus a testament to their own Gaucho Greatness !

Below are some photos of that auspicious gathering. Sit back and soak in the Gaucho Greatness !

Photo (below), Left to Right: Carol Wilson (Gregg's better half, of course), unidentified (sorry) Donn "Bernie" Bernstein, and Wils !

Photo: Bernie, Barbara Deutsch and Corky Barrett (below)

Photo: Of Photo of 1967 UCSB Varsity Swim Team NCAA Champs ! All GAUCHO GREATS, of course !

Photo (below): John "Spanky" Dobrott (Gaucho Great in both swimming and water polo and Captain of '79 NCAA Water Polo Championship Team) with Bernie. April 2008 at Gaucho Hall of Fame Awards.

Photo below: Two Gaucho Greats and Hall of Famers, Brooks Bennett (Water Polo) and Spank (same).

Photo below: Hall of Famer Gaucho Great Water Polo Players in their HOF Jackets !

Below, more Gaucho Greats and Hall of Fame NCAA Championship Water Polo Team from '79.

Below, Gregg Wilson, the Originator of the "Gaucho Great" Accolade with the undersigned from Wilson Years 1 and 2, Will Maguire. And "Yes", that is an officially licensed UCSB Class necktie I've got on, circa 1977.

Photo below of Gaucho Great, Chris Lincoln, upon his arrival in Qingdao, the host city in China for the Sailing Events, August 2008 of the Beijing Olympics, where Chris directed all of the sailing competitions in the employ of BOB (Beijing Olympic Broadcasting). Way to go Linc ! Only a Gaucho Great could pull off that kind of responsibility !

Photo below, also of Chris, aka "Little Linc" (his big brother, Todd, also a Gaucho Great at UCSB on the Varsity Tennis Team, is known as "Linc"). Here is Chris showing his Isla Vista bicycle training and skills along the cityscape of the Sailing Hub City of Qingdao. (Photo Credit: These photos were scraped from Chris' Olympic Blog with his permission).


Dateline: Monday, October 27, 2008

This Blog is dedicated to "All" GAUCHO GREATS ! A "Gaucho Great" as defined and expressed by Coach Gregg Wilson (inventor of this term), is every boy and girl who ever suited up for Gaucho swimming & diving. The term has been expanded to include all Gaucho Aquatics participants at the Intercollegiate Athletics level, including, of course, Water Polo.

This Blog is All about GAUCHO GREATS ! Pure and simple. Totally Inclusive and Totally Supportive of this Tremendous Community of Aquatic Athletes that includes, obviously, Alumni but the undergraduate and graduate Gaucho Greats as well.

As with its brother-sister Blog, Go Gauchos !, the purpose of this Blog is to celebrate all things Gaucho Aquatics, so please send us your stories and photos, etc. to keep the party going !

Go Gauchos !

Will Maguire,
F-Troop, UCSB Swimming (Wilson Years, One and Two)

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