Monday, October 27, 2008

Gaucho Greats "In the News"!

This past April 26, 2008, Gaucho Greats gathered at the Events Center on campus for the bi-annual UCSB Athletics Dept. Hall of Fame Induction. Being inducted that evening, in addition, to the 1967 NCAA winning Men's Varsity Swim Team, was a stud water polo player from the early 1980', Larry Mouchawar.

Numerous Gaucho Greats were in attendance. Lots of Water Polo players showed up to cheer Larry on, thus a testament to their own Gaucho Greatness !

Below are some photos of that auspicious gathering. Sit back and soak in the Gaucho Greatness !

Photo (below), Left to Right: Carol Wilson (Gregg's better half, of course), unidentified (sorry) Donn "Bernie" Bernstein, and Wils !

Photo: Bernie, Barbara Deutsch and Corky Barrett (below)

Photo: Of Photo of 1967 UCSB Varsity Swim Team NCAA Champs ! All GAUCHO GREATS, of course !

Photo (below): John "Spanky" Dobrott (Gaucho Great in both swimming and water polo and Captain of '79 NCAA Water Polo Championship Team) with Bernie. April 2008 at Gaucho Hall of Fame Awards.

Photo below: Two Gaucho Greats and Hall of Famers, Brooks Bennett (Water Polo) and Spank (same).

Photo below: Hall of Famer Gaucho Great Water Polo Players in their HOF Jackets !

Below, more Gaucho Greats and Hall of Fame NCAA Championship Water Polo Team from '79.

Below, Gregg Wilson, the Originator of the "Gaucho Great" Accolade with the undersigned from Wilson Years 1 and 2, Will Maguire. And "Yes", that is an officially licensed UCSB Class necktie I've got on, circa 1977.

Photo below of Gaucho Great, Chris Lincoln, upon his arrival in Qingdao, the host city in China for the Sailing Events, August 2008 of the Beijing Olympics, where Chris directed all of the sailing competitions in the employ of BOB (Beijing Olympic Broadcasting). Way to go Linc ! Only a Gaucho Great could pull off that kind of responsibility !

Photo below, also of Chris, aka "Little Linc" (his big brother, Todd, also a Gaucho Great at UCSB on the Varsity Tennis Team, is known as "Linc"). Here is Chris showing his Isla Vista bicycle training and skills along the cityscape of the Sailing Hub City of Qingdao. (Photo Credit: These photos were scraped from Chris' Olympic Blog with his permission).

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