Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Gaucho Greats, The Sequel

They are all over the place. Gaucho Greats, that is. Photos are flying in, well, not exactly flying in, but more are being found as time goes by.

So let's get right to it. This blog is here to celebrate... woo hoo !!!.... the Gaucho Great: Her, Him, Us, and Them.

Photo below: Bruce Stahl and Arthur Verge. June 2008. Bruce, of course, is the Classic Textbook Specimen of the SPRINTER, as in World Recording Setting. Still a stud today. Arturo, of course, is the consummate Long Distance Freestyler... and in spite of the team effort it took back in the day, I still think it was his performance at PCAA's in 1977 that helped us beat San Diego State for Third Place in our first year back in League.

Michael "Newmie" Newman. July 2008. There I was on my way to work one morning and who do I see out on his bike after his morning workout..... livin' the hard life (see below).

Scraped from my email and Chris Lincoln's Blackberry (below) is a photo of his daughter, and future Gaucho Great, Kristie Lincoln, at a recent World Series game in Philly.

And in perhaps THE EVENT of this century to date, Arturo shows off his wedding band, having just tied the knot in May 2008. It just goes to show that there is someone for everybody..... Hey Now ! (editor's note: so why am I still single....)

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